The Link Between Acne and Prostate Cancer

This is an interesting piece of information, especially if you are a man. Men tend to forget all about the fact that they ever had acne when they were teenagers, after all why would they want to remember such a time in their lives? Being a teenager was hard enough without having to remember the emotions that came with coping with acne. Acne treatments, such as the Exposed Skin Care system, can help manage your teenage acne but in most cases, these treatments only treat the symptoms and not acne itself.

It has been 50 years since you had anything to do with acne and now it is invading your body again. But this time you cannot see what the acne bacteria is doing to you as it works on the inside of your body this time, doing an inside job and in doing so is putting you at risk of Prostate cancer, or so it is claimed.

Propionibacterium acnes are the species of bacteria we are actually talking about here. However, this form of the acne bacteria does not cause swelling, inflammation on the skin, redness that we all associate with acne spots. It is actually your own immune’s systems attack on the bacterium that we are looking at.

When your immune system attacks this bacterium it has the ability to cause chemicals to develop known as chemotactins which direct the immune attack to nearby skin, this in turn causes the manifestations of the condition which we see on the outside of our skin.

The problem is when small numbers of the bacterium make take their way into your bloodstream, however, it is still said to be unusual for acne to be part and parcel in diseases which are not of skin origin.

There are times when the bacteria will regroup inside your bones, eyes, brain, and mouth and in men, in their prostate. This is where the link comes into play between acne and prostate cancer.

Acne will not make its own way into your body; it has to get in by grabbing a ride on something which is being inserted into your body in the first place such as a catheter or on surgeon’s tools while he works.

When the bacterium is in your body it can cause the same tissue damage as it causes on the skin when you have an acne breakout.

Small numbers of the acne bacteria are known to live all over our bodies helping to keep the amount of ‘sebum’ oil on our bodies down. This is the oil which is released from our sebaceous glands to lubricate our skin and keep it supple.

In 1970’s it was noted by scientists that men who had acne in their teenage years were tending to go on to develop prostrate cancer in their older years. However, link between Prostate cancer and acne has been hard to pinpoint.

But it was found to be that some men who had acne in their teenage years lived a long and healthy life without seeing any sign of prostate cancer, but some people who had no acne in their teens went on to develop prostrate cancer.

There were some large studies into this performed, out of the four studies performed, two showed that there was a common link between acne and prostate cancer and two confirmed there was no link. Does this mean that a man suffering from prostrate cancer and acne in their teens is basically a 50-50 chance?

Australian scientists have done their own research into this and have found that people with swelling in their prostate had the acne bacteria in their bodies. However, saying that the Australian scientist did not believe that the bacteria went on to cause the prostate cancer. The jury is still out on this one.